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The following grid compares a 1250-word essay edit with’s Gold Package with similar competing packages from other essay editing companies:

Description of Service:

Essay Examination + Critique + Rewrite

“Our college essay critique service is designed for the applicant who has already written a complete admission essay, but would like professional feedback and helpful tips on how to make it more effective. ”

A quick polish for essays that are almost ready to go. We will first perform our standard proofread, and then follow it up by rewriting areas that need work. We will also email you a 1-page evaluation of your essay with suggestions and comments.
Editor Qualifications: Standard, intermediate and senior-level editors, associated mainly with Yale University. Graduates from Penn, UCLA, Berkeley and other distinguished institutions. “Our team consists of professionals with advanced degrees from the nation’s top universities, superior editing capabilities and a stellar track record.” Your writing team consists only of professional writers and graduates of Ivy League universities, including Columbia, Harvard and Princeton universities.

4 out of 5 of our editors hold doctorate degrees.

How long does it take: 3-5 days 7 days 4 days

4 days (6 to 24 hours or 2-day services available)

Cost of Service:

$119.00 $179.00



Descriptions of service, editor qualifications, length of service, and cost of service taken from company websites.
Prices and services are as of 2013.

All information subject to change.