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SAT Tips from 100 Points

2011 is almost over and there are no more SAT test dates to worry about until next year.  But it’s never too early to get your SAT study and test plans in order for 2012. The CEE Blog introduces you to 100 Points Educational Services, an SAT training program based in Los Angeles, California, that will help you prepare for the SAT and master the exam, no matter where in the world you live. 100 points Educational Services offers the College Essay Editor community a lucky preview of their very valuable services.

100 POINTS Educational Services specializes in boosting your scores easily and efficiently. Here are FIVE handy-dandy tips to help you on your way to a big SAT boost:

SAT Tip #1: Don’t Sweat the Hard Stuff

Did you know that you can leave almost every hard question blank on the SAT and still score at or better than a 600 per section? Yeah, it’s true! (If you don’t believe us, check out our book, where we prove it.)  Every question on the SAT is worth the same amount of points, so it’s imperative that you answer as many easy and medium questions correctly before you move on to the hard ones.  Remember, hard problems are classified as “hard” because they are difficult to solve. Even attempting too many may actually hurt your score.

SAT Tip #2: Write What You Know

A lot of students get thrown by the SAT Essay and for good reason!  It’s the first section in the test and if you don’t know how to approach it, you may be costing yourself valuable points.  One easy way to prepare for the SAT Essay is to write about topics that you know well. Don’t try to remember obscure facts or dates like you would for an AP Essay.  You can also even pre-plan your essay to an extent. In fact, it’s a technique that works well and one we cover extensively in our SAT WRITING Study Guide.

SAT Tip #3: Skip the Shorties

Two of the Critical Reading sections have two short passages after the initial Sentence Completions.  These short passages are tempting because they are “short” in length, but the content can often be very confusing!  In total, there are only four questions to answer and many students spend too much time struggling with the short passages and don’t leave themselves enough time for the longer passages.  Not cool, dudes. It’s more important to go after the questions in the longer passages because you get more bang for you buck that way, and the questions on the longer passages tend to be more straightforward.  So skip the short passages and come back to them after you’ve completed the longer passages.

SAT Tip #4: Give ‘Em What They Want to Know

So often we see this error on the SAT MATH: A student reads the question, does all the work correctly and then still gets the question wrong. What gives!?  Usually, that means the student didn’t give the test the answer they wanted. For example, the question may have been asking for “the value of 4x” and the student solved the problem correctly but chose the answer that was only the “value of x”.  This mistake is subtle and easy to make, so stay on guard and ALWAYS give them what they want to know!

SAT Tip #5: Pack for the Day

Raise your hand if you thought the SAT was only 3 hours and 45 minutes long? Well, technically you’re right (go ahead and put your hand down now), but you’ll actually be at the testing center for closer to FIVE HOURS!  Hey, we’re not happy about it either…we take these tests, too!  Counting the time it takes to get you to your testing room, the reading of directions, the 60+ bubbles to fill in before you start, breaks in between sections, and copying the “I will not cheat” statement by hand…the SAT is a full day event.  Bring snacks, water, and a jacket in case the environment is chilly (they don’t always heat classrooms on the weekends).  If your testing center has their act together, you may get out by 12:30pm, but if your testing center has a lot of students or is just the least bit disorganized, you’ll probably be there past 1pm. Yikes!

So there you have it! Five friendly SAT tips to give you a head-start on your test preparation!  We wish you the best of luck, and if you need further insight into achieving your highest potential SAT score, visit to sign up for study guides and more tips.

Have a great end of 2011, College Essay Editor community, and may you catch your dream SAT score in 2012!


100 POINTS is a new SAT prep company founded by two tutors, Josh and Ryan, who not only have over 20 years of SAT tutoring experience, but also still take the tests to stay informed!  The 100 POINTS philosophy focuses on solid, fundamental strategies that can boost an SAT score by 100 points or more per section.  The best part is that 100 Points is committed to providing all the best SAT strategies in a way that is affordable, accessible and… dare we say, fun!

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